3 Popular Bracelets and How to Measure for the Perfect Fit

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How do I measure for a bracelet?


This is often the question we ask ourselves when looking for that perfect bracelet. Some like a tight fit, while others prefer a more loose fit, it all comes down to what you like and how it feels.You want something that will be comfortable to wear and doesn’t bother throughout the day.


There are basically three ways to consider wearing your bracelet. A loose fit, a comfortable fit and a tight fit.

With a loose fit, you will want to add at least a full inch of extra space, allowing the bracelet to move freely about your wrist.

Where as for a comfortable fit, you would only need to add a half an inch or so for the bracelet to sit just slightly off your skin.

And of course, for the tight fit, you would only add about a quarter of an inch of space so that the bracelet does not move around freely but stays in place.


Once you know how to measure your hand or wrist, you can confidently purchase that bracelet you've had your eye on. Even though there are several types of bracelets, measuring for the right fit comes down to 3 most popular bracelet types:

1. Chain Bracelets
2. Bangle Bracelets
3. Cuff Bracelets


These 3 types of bracelets use different methods of measuring, but allow you to get the perfect fit, just right for you. Below is a general guide to help with finding your measurements and fitting style.

Women’s Bracelet Lengths

  • Small -- 6.5 to 7 inches
  • Medium – 7.5 to 8 inches
  • Large – 8 to 8.5 inches
  • Plus size – 9 inches


1073 Design jewelry how to measure for a bracelet with wrist hand and ruler white background

How to Find Your Chain Bracelet Size

1. Using a flexible measuring tape,  a piece of string or strip of paper, measure your wrist below the wrist bone or where you would normally wear your chain bracelet.

2. If using a string or a strip of paper,  mark the paper with a pen, then measure the paper strip or string with a ruler. This is your wrist size.

3. To find your chain bracelet size, increase the wrist measurement by the increments shown below, based on how you want the bracelet to fit.

How to increase your wrist measurement for the perfect fit:

For a tight fit: add 1/4" to 1/2"
For a comfort fit: add 3/4" to 1"
For a loose fit: add 1-1/4"

Something to keep in mind when purchasing a chain or charm bracelet. The larger or thicker the chain, the larger you need to go for a comfortable fit. The thickness of the chain takes up space as well and will make the inner diameter of the bracelet smaller, making the fit tighter.

Consider this when ordering or purchasing a larger chain or thicker chain bracelet and add an additional 1/4" to 1/2” to get the fit you want. Or purchase an extension chain if possible, to ensure a nice comfortable fitting bracelet.



1073 Design Bangle Bracelets

How to Find Your Bangle Bracelet Size

1. Close your fingers together, bringing your thumb and pinky finger together (like you are about to put on a bangle).

2. Using a strip of paper, string or measuring tape, measure around your closed hand at the widest point, pulling the tape snug against your skin.

3. If you are using a strip of paper, mark the paper with a pen, then measure the strip with a ruler. This is the circumference of your hand.

Find your hand circumference below

Choose a bangle with a diameter at least 1/4" larger than the diameter shown below to allow for a nice comfortable fit.

How to Convert Circumference to Diameter

7” is approx. 2.5” dia. (small)
7.5” is approx. 2.75” dia. (medium)
8" is approx. 2.87” dia. (large)

Cuff Bracelet in Silver and Gold
How to Find Your Cuff Bracelet Size

1. Measure your wrist above the wrist bone or where you would normally wear your cuff bracelet, with a flexible measuring tape or a piece of string or strip of paper.

2. If you are using a strip of paper, mark the paper with a pen, then measure the paper strip or string with a ruler. This is your wrist size.

3. To find your cuff bracelet size, decrease your wrist measurement by 1” to 2”, based on the opening of the cuff bracelet you want to wear.

For example: If you have a wrist size of 7 inches and the cuff bracelet you want has an opening of 1 inch, you would need a cuff bracelet that measured 6 inches.


In conclusion, there are many different types of bracelets. However, if you know how to measure for these three types of bracelets, the other types of bracelets will fall within one of the three categories covered.


Below you will find a small list of bracelets that will also work within these three categories of how to measure for a bracelet.

Chain Bracelet measurements will also work for:

• leather band bracelets
• braided bracelets
• friendship bracelets
• beaded bracelets
• pearl bracelets
• elastic band bracelets
• memory wire bracelets
• charm bracelets
• link bracelets
• chainmaille bracelets
• tennis bracelets
• fabric bracelets


Bangle & Cuff Bracelet measurements will also work for:

• slap bracelets
• slider bracelets
• sports bracelets
• wooden bracelets
• plastic bracelets
• silicon bracelets
• formed clay bracelets


At 1073 Design jewelry, we offer a variety of bracelets and would love the opportunity to assist you in any way we can.

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