How to Layer Necklaces

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How to Layer Necklaces

Jewelry trends come and go, but one of the trends that never seems to fall out of favor is layering necklaces. In fact, it's once again coming back in style, and in order to look the part without missing a beat, it's good to know how to properly layer your necklaces. It doesn't have to be complicated and is instead as simple as thinking about which necklaces go well together based off of their length, appearance and material. To begin, take inventory of the necklaces you already have in your collection to get an idea of what you have to work with, and then read on to see what you can do with them.

Start With the Shortest Necklace

The shortest necklace is the foundation for the rest of the look. Find the necklace you want the others to center around going off of the necklace length that is more flattering for you. If you want to play with spacing and size, you can keep the difference about two inches apart to go for a minimalist look or get something more dramatic with super long lengths in between.


Less Is Definitely More

While layering asks you to use more than one necklace, it doesn’t mean you have to throw on every single necklace you own. This could create a cluttered look that isn't as stylish as you think, and it may also not be that comfortable. It's best to stick to no more than three necklaces at a time. Some even prefer to limit their layering to only two.


layered necklaces with choker

Consider Placement and Chain Type

When you are layering the necklaces, you want to draw the eye to both the top and bottom pendants. The middle necklace should be something straightforward and simple; save the drama for the other two. If you only have one pendant necklace on, make it the one that is on the bottom for best results.

Think About Color

If you tend to go with monochromatic clothing, using vibrant and colorful chains and pendant necklaces can finish off your look beautifully. Typically, focusing on the shortest chain for color is recommended.

Play With Shapes

As you layer together pendant necklaces with unique shapes, make sure they work together. Otherwise, it may begin to look busy or "cluttered."

layered necklaces

Mix Up Materials

Play with different metals and textures to really make it unique, especially if you're going for a modern feminine look.

Dress Up Your Loungewear

Layering necklaces can help keep your casual looks from appearing sloppy or lazy. A good way to do this is to pair a few necklaces with some simple stud earrings to dress it up just enough.

Keep It Small and Simple With Formal Attire

Pairing an extra-long chain or a choker with your formal attire gives you a daintier look that won't take over the rest of your ensemble.

Layering necklaces is a simple task but one that can really make a difference in your appearance. Consider the points above when dressing up with your own.


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