What is Patina, anyway?

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What is Patina anyway? 1073 Design


Pa-ti-na: Noun. A green or brown film on the surface of bronze, copper, silver or similar metals, produced by oxidation over a long period.

A patina is a surface coating on a bare metal surface formed by a chemical reaction. It is different from applied coatings like painting and powder coating in that the effect is caused by actually reacting to a solution with the metal surface. Metals react with moist air on their own at a gradual pace.

Working with different metals for a jewelry design or project can be exciting, especially if you want to see the different effects that a patina can have on your jewelry creations. Different metals will react to their environment in different ways. Some metals will patina more quickly if the environment is found to have more salts and moisture in the air.

Metals will patina naturally if left alone, however, you can also bring back your jewelry’s natural shine with a polishing cloth. Polishing your jewelry allows you to maintain the beauty and longevity of your jewelry.

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