What You Get When You Buy Handmade Artisan Jewelry.

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Why handmade jewelry is worth the investment and what you’re really getting when you buy artisan products.

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When you buy handmade, you’re supporting real people, keeping the art of craftsmanship alive. You’re getting exclusivity and uniqueness, as well as quality and integrity just to name a few.

You also get a more realistic pricing structure because designers tend to use traditional methods and tools verses the mass-produced method of jewelry that is readily available on the market today.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons why handmade jewelry is worth the investment and see what it is that you’re really getting when you buy artisan products.

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You’re supporting real people.
Real people are making the jewelry by hand, meaning they are taking the time to hand craft each piece and insure that the materials used are sustainable and responsibly sourced.

Buying handmade means that you are supporting someones love for a craft, that in turn, you get to wear and share with the world. Wearable art is fashionable, modern and lets face it, down right stylish!

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You’re keeping the art of craftsmanship alive.
Craftsmanship is not lost. Gone away are the days of mass-produced, big box store reproductions from designers. More and more people are looking for unique, one-of-a-kind, or limited edition products.

Hand crafted products allow us to purchase quality products from makers that not only are great at their craft but love what they do and with good reason. When we buy from local craftsmen, metalsmiths, silversmiths or the like, we are keeping their dreams alive as well.

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They love working with their hands, and making things that bring their customers joy when they wear it or share it with others. Makers create because they fell in love with the idea of utilizing traditional methods & tools to make something that is not only sustainable but can be an heirloom for the buyer. Passed down from mother to daughter or grandmother to granddaughter, hand crafted jewelry can last for generations.

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You’re getting exclusivity and uniqueness.
When you buy handmade, you are always getting exclusivity and uniqueness. The designer can only handmade a certain amount of pieces within their career and once they retire, their work is no longer available.

The exclusivity and uniqueness of a designers work is shown in the details of every single piece they make. Their personality and character can be seen within the designs and the methods they use to produce their work.

The uniqueness is as unique as the maker and the tools they use. The maker has specific methods and tools they use, each leaving its own impression on the work they craft.

The tools chosen by the designer can leave its mark on the jewelry as well, giving it a uniqueness all its own. And the buyer has a unique style or desire in mind when purchasing the piece made that is unique to the buyer.

Quality & Integrity.
When you buy handmade artisan jewelry, you are getting a quality piece of jewelry made with integrity.

The designer puts a lot of attention in the details of what they are making. It is quality over quantity which gives the customer a quality piece of jewelry built with integrity.


Realistic pricing.
When considering quality pieces of jewelry made by hand, you need to consider the uniqueness of the piece in relation to the materials it’s made with. Artisan creatives are not like big box stores that buy in bulk, creating a profit margin for their stock holders.

They are, in most cases, a small business with a few employees, doing what they love to do and sharing it with the world. Which means that they are buying smaller amount of the materials needed to produce the pieces they create and sell.

When buying in smaller amounts verses in bulk, the cost of the materials are not as discounted as if they would be in a bulk purchase. You get a more realistic product price based on realistic material costs.

The big box stores buy in such a large quantity that the cost of materials are driven down and do not reflect the actual cost of most materials bought by the average consumer.

This makes the products made by artisans reflect the actual costs of materials more closely than those found in big box stores.

Most mass-produced products are molded and cast which means the time it takes for production is cut down dramatically in comparison to the time it takes a person the hand cut, shape, solder or assemble a similar product by hand.

More hands on means more labor, more labor means more time put into a product, making the end result more expensive.

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Traditional methods & tools.
Tools are an important part of a makers process. Most makers do not have a vast array of machinery that does the work for them, they have small machines and tools that can handle the jobs they do most often and the rest is done by hand or by employees.

For most jewelers, the love of creating comes from working with their hands and creating something beautiful from materials into something that becomes an heirloom for their customers.

The tools of a maker are an extension of themselves and sometimes can be seen in the work they produce.

Tools can leave marks on a piece, just as the maker can leave marks on a piece, this makes artisan handmade jewelry as beautiful and unique as the tools they use.

Designers Process & Time.
A designers time and process can vary from project to project based on the design itself and the inspiration in which they got the design. A jewelers design process is much like any creatives’ process.

They gather inspiration and ideas from the world and influences around them. Once a designer has a design in mind, they begin their process of drawing it out or using the hands on method of creating a demo piece and then on to the actual item itself.

Most jewelers has a base rate that is included into the cost of the piece based on an average amount of time spent, not the actual amount of time spent on any one given design.

This makes the piece more affordable because a design can take from hours to days to weeks to be created and available to customers an hourly rate is not an affordable option, even for a commissioned piece.

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